Inside Connections Mobile App Used in Independent Feature Film, “OUT OF TIME” - Worldwide Release Dates Coming Soon!

Saturday 15th December 2018

The Inside Connections mobile app takes pride of place in a new independent film about family, gender-diversity and transgender children.

When ex-fighting champion Danny's 8-year sentence is over, he returns home to a revelation that literally shakes his family to the core. Not only is his beloved gym under pressure, his childhood sweetheart Sam and their only son Conner have been covering a huge secret.

Can their family survive the eventual confession, and are they mentally ready, as a family, to take on this new chapter in their lives?

"OUT OF TIME" is a Liverpool Film directed by Leon Lopez - Elegance Productions. It's the first film produced under Foot in the Door CIC - a pioneering platform and non-profit company who offer newcomers industry training and roles on set.  The CIC was founded by Michelle Billington a well-respected casting director with 30 years' experience and a first time producer on "OUT OF TIME". Working alongside Kerry Williams, producer, writer and actress.

Director Statement - Leon Lopez:

What attracted me to "OUT OF TIME", was the universal theme of family.  As a native Liverpudlian the setting was also a draw.  As a director, my work tends to focus a lot on both family and LGBT themes and what stood out for me on first read was that this was not just a film about a young person's struggle to find their identity, it's about a family 's struggle to find theirs.

I wanted to make sure that as well as keeping the heart of the film, 'Conner' trying to fit into the world having been born the wrong gender, we also put focus on his mother, Sam's struggle.  As Sam accepts her child's transitioning, she now must convince her hot headed, ultra-macho husband, who not only struggles to understand the notion of being trans, is fighting against his image in the world and how people will view him, knowing his own son is transitioning from male to female.

Liverpool is the perfect backdrop to challenge such notions, as a strong, working class, ultra-macho City, the fragile ego of male masculinity is called into play.  This film isn't a fairy tale. Nor is it a tense thriller.  It's a real slice of life.  The melodrama of Liverpool as a City is played out in force, and the themes really do call for it.  But the underlying soul of the City, the warmth, the compassion also shines through, to give a challenging portrayal of a family who love each other deeply, torn by forces that they cannot control. 

Jamie Cousins – Danny
Frankie Friend – Connor
Kerry Williams – Sam
Bernie Foley – Sheila
Louis Emerick – Louis Emerick
Suzanne Collins – Teresa
Lindzi Germain – Nancy
Dr Gibson – Nathan Moore
Adam Abbou – Tommy
Anthony Woodward – Estate Agent
Chloe Knight – Teacher
Chris Wheeldon – Warrior
Dave Faulkner – Eddie
Grace Ayeesha Hillier –  Annie
James Watts – Milkman
John Currie – Prisoner
Julian Feria – Prisoner
Sarah Louise Donovan – Neighbour

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