CAT & Genny / Cable Avoidance

By Monks Training

What is covered in the CAT & Genny course?

The tutor splits the course up into a practical and theory session. The tutor will deliver the theory element in a classroom in which they will cover a range of PowerPoints, case studies and assignments.

Delegates will have to demonstrate their ability to locate underground services in the practical element of the course. They will have to locate various types of buried services and follow industry best practice. Delegates will also have to show knowledge of current legislation and their ability to follow street plans and observation evidence.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the delegate will be able to:
• Work in line with guidance from HSG 47 for Avoiding Danger from Underground Services
• Safely use of a cable detector/pipe detector
• Identify and read Gas/Electricity/Water/Telecom service plans
• Identify damaged and undamaged underground services using a ground-penetrating radar
• Understand utility services
• Locate services using the cable avoidance tools
• Complete plans showing the services you have detected
• Show knowledge of the required PPE


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