Inside Connections is a revolutionary mobile app for iOS and Android

It offers a 360-degree supported services based online platform with a fully incorporated Community Interest Company (CIC). Our mission is to support vulnerable people exiting prison, care home or military systems – one job, training programme and housing opportunity at a time.

Inside Connections scaffolds the needs of families and communities through a combination of bespoke money saving and family driven initiatives, the provision of personalised rehabilitative training, employment and housing supported services; designed to bring families and communities closer together. 

We understand that families and communities are the resources on which the future of reform, rehabilitation and habilitation must be built. We offer a new vision with an integrated evolving supported care system; a fresh structure, functionality, and core expertise to help those who want to change their lives and contribute positively to society

Everyone deserves a second chance but not for the same mistake.

While serving a 12 year sentence, John Burton designed the Inside Connections app and website idea for iOS and Android.
John's Story...
In 2018, John Burton reinvents himself and launches his first App and Website business instrument supporting vulnerable people exiting the prison, care home and military systems.
John's Story...
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