Our mission

to empower individuals from a prison, military, homeless or care background. We provide the holistic platform for a chance at a sustainable life through education, training, employment, housing and on-going bespoke support


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Who are we

Inside Connection Support CIC was founded in 2017 by ex-offender John Burton and son Ben. We aim to be the number one provider of joined-up supported services for vulnerable individuals exiting prison, care or military systems and those who are homeless. Read more

Our Vision

To bridge the social supported-gap and tackle reform and rehabilitation in order to help those who have struggled when exiting the system and offer a chance at a sustainable life. From the high numbers of re-offending, militants, prisoners or care leavers left homeless and hopeless; we will provide them opportunities in the many courses and jobs we have first-hand access to with the Inside Connections app, while furthering them into housing opportunities.

John Burtons Story

I was raised on an estate in Liverpool which was rife with drugs and crime, so I began getting into criminality from a young age. But it was while serving my second sentence [I was initially convicted of the importation of cigarettes in one of the largest cases in the UK at the time], that I noticed the same faces in prison coming back repeatedly, and I thought I needed to do something about the problem of reform and rehabilitation.

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