Inside Connections Family-Friendly App Tackling Reoffending by Focusing on Rehabilitation, Aftercare, and Resettlement

Thursday 13th December 2018

Inside Connections, is a well-led app provider tackling reform and rehabilitation for those vulnerable people who want to change their lives and resettle and reintegrate into communities.

The app is designed to connect the most vulnerable people exiting the prison system - at first- their families, and the wider community on mobile devises; to prevent offending and reoffending.Inside Connections believes that technology can change the way in which information about reform and rehabilitation is delivered.  Everyone has a mobile device and it’s time to leverage a mobile demand across the criminal justice system and create a mobile experience for change, and to deal with one of the biggest issues of our time.“Millennials have grown up with the internet and mobile devises.  They are used to ever-present access to information on mobile platforms, “said John Burton, Founder of Inside Connections.  Click on the following link to find out more about the Inside Connections App

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