Housing & Supportive Living

Bespoke support understanding that everyone’s journey has been different 

Housing & Supportive Living

Bespoke support understanding that everyone’s journey has been different 

Housing & Supportive Living

We provide supported living on a 2-1 or 1-1 basis for 16 to 18-year old's exiting care and juvenile prisons as well as providing semi-independent living for 16-18-year old's and supplying accommodation for people who are experiencing housing problems aged 18 plus.

Having a safe place to stay is universally recognised as an imperative to individuals' successfully moving forward with their lives. Inside Connections offer bespoke support understanding that everyone’s journey has been different and, as a result, different people will benefit from different interventions.

Once settled, people can take advantage of the education, training and employment opportunities available.

Inside connections living provides supportive living accommodation for young people aged 16-18 years old. During this process as an organisation we have identified the need at this important age for all young people therefore we have created a “getting ready for adult life program”

Inside connections living provide a “staying put” policy once a young person reaches their adult age 18 years old. However, as an organization we aim to provide continuous support with a property and Inside connections take the tenancy agreement on afterwards. This can be discussed with the director of care during the referral process.

Inside connections living is a unique service as we provide education, training and employment during the getting ready for adult life program. This is in Inside Connections CIC Mactac college based in Liverpool.

We have experience in working with a range of young people with various complex needs, some of whom are statement under the Education Act 2011. The young people who live at Inside Connections Living will have come from a range of settings and experiences, e.g. home, family/relative’s breakdown, fostering breakdown, other residential Homes. With support, guidance and assistance,

We aim to:

  1. Work within the care plan as agreed with the Local Authority and to rehabilitate the young person within a family environment.
  2. Provide short to long term placement with the view of the “staying put” policies
  3. Allow the young people to grow their employability by providing them with training and education. At the end of their individual programs employment will be offered.
  4. Provide accommodation with a tenancy agreement with Inside connections.

“Our vision is the young person’s vision”

Our vision is not about short-term intervention, it is built on the knowledge that many young people have had placement breakdowns and failed to make any meaningful or lasting relationships. We help young people transition to adulthood life, which is rewarding and satisfying. Whether the road leads to a getting ready for adult Programed, supported independent living or to a long-term placement. We remain committed to achieving the very best for the young people in our care.

For more information please contact:
Kelly Doughty - Director of Inside Connections Living

07542 874 056


For referrals:
referrals@insideconnections.co.uk (Liverpool)
referrals@insideconnections-cic.co.uk (Blackburn)

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding a place to live and you are 18+ please contact housing@insideconnections-cic.co.uk